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Water found in a cave with a fish and an <a href="Amethyst" rel="mw:WikiLink">Amethyst</a>.

Water Edit

Water is a liquid that appears naturally in generated world's, both in single and multiplayer. Water is usually found near beaches, although it can be found in caves. Your Blockhead can swim in water. Once in water, the oxygen bar appears. Once it gets depleted, your player starts to lose health.

Appearance Edit

Water is a blue clear block with flowing textures. It has the ability to flow, and it emits white particles when doing so.

Location Edit

Water is almost found near beaches, but sometimes it appears in caves. There are many forms of water. For example, it can appear as puddles, lakes, or ocean. Water is the home of Fish, and Sharks.

Uses Edit

As it can be swam in, quite clearly, you can also travel across is via Boat.

You can also use a Tin Bucket to gain Water Buckets, and Fish Buckets and Shark Buckets when capturing said animal.

Bugs Edit

Commonly known bugs of water include:

  • Ability to "fly".
  • Drowning in air.
  • Strange physics.

Notes Edit

  • Sharks can only be put in a bucket at a small size.
  • Water will turn into Ice in the cold temperature, and will melt back into water in the hot temperature.