Sand Edit

Sand is a common block seen on beaches and deep in the oceans.

Appearance Edit

It's a static-like mottled yellow color.

Settings Edit

Stronger Tool(s): Edit


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Break Time Edit

Hand: About 5 seconds.

Flint Spade: About 1.5 seconds.

Stone Spade: About 1 second.

Tin Spade: Immediate.

Location Edit

Sand, being sort of an alternate version of Dirt, can be found on beaches all the time, and can be seen with Black Sand near the beginning and ends of oceans, sometimes under.

Desert biomes also have a large amount of sand all around, found with cacti, Prickly Pears, and Scorpions.

They can sometimes be found on sky islands, just like dirt can.

An Electric Press can also convert Gravel into Sand.

Item Description Edit

Life's a Beach.

Crafting Edit

Creation Edit

At an Electric Press: 1 Gravel can craft 1 Sand, which takes 40 seconds to craft.

Uses Edit

At a Level 3 (or higher) Workbench: 5 Clay plus 1 Sand plus 1 Red Bricks plus 1 Plaster can craft 1 Pizza Oven, which takes 2 minutes to craft.

At a Kiln or Electric Kiln: 1 Sand can craft 1 Glass, which takes 20 seconds to craft.

At at Level 2 (or higher) Press or Electric Press: 1 Sand plus 3 Pig Iron can craft 1 Black Sand, which takes 1 minute to craft.

At an Electric Furnace: 5 Sand plus 5 Black Sand can craft 1Silicon Ingot, which takes 1 minute to craft.

Uses Edit

It can be used as a solid block, as like other blocks.

It can also be used to plant the following: Cacti, Coconut Trees, or Flax.

It can't have any other fruits, plants or trees planted in it.

Gallery Edit


As seen here, is an image of Classic Sand.

120px-Sand HD Big

As seen here, is an image of HD Sand.


As seen here, Classic Sand with Flax plants and Cacti in it.

Notes Edit

  • Sand is used for Glass, while the same with Black Sand is used for Black Glass.
  • Sand cannot appear in Forest/Plains biome.
  • Sand has the same look when generated and the world, the same with Dirt.
  • Sand is the color of Limestone, but strangely not Sandstone.