The Jiff

The common rules of Blockheads, which when broken, can lead to an infamous cloud ban. By the likes of milla, her rules are based down to these rules:


  • No pornography, disturbing images, and no hate imagery in any form.
  • No obscene words in world name, chat, avatars, paintings, WM, or world name.
  • No racist content whatsoever.
  • No bullying (threats, intimidation, blackmail)
  • Never threaten anyone. Ever. Not even with reporting to me. I have zero tolerance for intimidation, even of players you feel are bad.
  • No sexual activity or content. Often this is referred to as “dating”.
  • No griefing. This may be destruction of developments or natural formation, lagging out the world, breaking of functional surfaces or items, and theft.
  • No impersonation of either Blockheads staff or other players.

Conditional: (Note these are exceptions to cloud ban, and will only lead to a ban on that server at the most)

  • No use of cheats or hacks on worlds that do not permit it.
  • No griefing, theft, or raiding on worlds that do not permit it.
  • No RP on worlds that do not permit it.
  • No name-calling or abuse, if the recipient is at all unhappy about it.


If someone engages in multiple activities that warrant a warning they may add up to a ban. Offending is cumulative.

I do not act on TC piracy at this point, but if someone asks for or offers TCs in my presence I educate anyone present at the time.

These rules are by far the most important of rules on the cloud network, and most that are acted in will become an immediate cloud ban. DON'T PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THIS, AND YOU'LL HAVE A GREAT TIME ON THE CLOUD NETWORK! :)